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You can pay your rent electronically via the ePayment system using your credit card.

The types of credit cards accepted here are:


  • VISA


Other methods of rent payments we accept are:

  • Online Bill Pay



Need Something Fixed in Your Unit?

Submit a work order online. After you submit your request, you'll receive a confirmation email that includes your request number, which you can use to track your request.


Call the security desk after hours 


For any on-campus emergencies, including fire, call Public Safety at 212-305-7979 and 911.


Remember: It's the responsibility of all tenants to maintain the cleanliness of their rooms and apartments.




Rhinelander Residence Parking Garage

  • Parking Application 

  • When applying for a parking spot at 1579 Rhinelander, please print and complete the above application

  • Bring the completed application to the housing office located at 1935 Eastchester Road suite #1A


You will also need to bring the following documents: 

  • Valid Driver's License

  • Current Registration and Insurance

  • Checkbook


   *Currently, we are unable to process credit card payments for monthly parkers. 

Quikpark Parking Garage - Eastchester Residence

  • Applications are available at the booth Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm 

  • Weekend passes are no longer available

  • Monthly parking holders can submit payment at any time using the drop box located by the entrance of the garage.


Quikpark is only accepting checks, money orders & credit cards as a form of payment for monthly parking (they do not accept cash). 

*Currently, we are unable to process online payments for monthly parkers.  


Bicycle Registration and Abandonment Information


Washers and dryers are conveniently available in each of the Eastchester Road Residence Hall buildings on a 24-hour basis. Please stop by the Housing Office to retrieve your laundry card with set-up instructions.  For more information on the Hercules Clean Pay mobile app, click here.


Air conditioning, WiFi, heating, gas, and electricity are included in the rent. The occupant is responsible for cable television and telephone. If you have any questions or concerns please put in a work order form.


Each apartment has its own mailbox. Please ask relatives and friends to indicate your

apartment number on all mail so that delivery is not delayed. The Post Office has notified us that mail will be returned to the sender if an apartment number is not listed on the envelope. If you have any questions or concerns please put in a work order form.


Around-the-clock security is provided at the Eastchester Road Residence Halls. The superintendent also lives on the premises. Security cameras and exit door alarm panels are in place throughout the complex and are routinely monitored.  


The Housing Office can be contacted Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Email: and

Telephone: 1-718-430-3555

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